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Advocacy: ad·vo·ca·cy/ˈadvəkəsē
the process of turning passive support into educated action by stakeholders

Simple Ways to Advocate for Libraries

  1. Share your story about how libraries make a difference in your life with friends and with us.

  2. Contact us about interesting happenings at your library and suggest ideas for feature stories about libraries.

  3. Talk to the director or board president of your local library about how you can help at the local level and use these tips on how to support your local library.

  4. Become a Friend of your local library; both public and academic libraries need Friends!

  5. Sign up for legislative calls to action; constituent contacts about library issues matter.

  6. Contribute to the Campaign for Wisconsin Libraries. Your financial support will help promote the value of all Wisconsin libraries.

More resources on library advocacy

Contact your local officials and state legislators and tell them how important libraries are to you! The following links will help you learn more about how to be an effective advocate for libraries.

Advocacy Resources
WLA has created a list of selected library advocacy web sites.

Trustee Essential #13
From Wisconsin's trustee manual, applicable for all friends of the library, this Essential addresses the following issues:

  • What are library advocates and why are they needed?
  • How to establish priorities for advocacy.
  • Ways to act as an advocate. 

ALA: Issues and Advocacy
Getting started and grassroots resources are some of the sections of this excellent page on advocacy and current issues. Includes a link to ALA's Washington Office.

Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.

Walter Cronkite (1916- 2010?)

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