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Encourage your local newspapers to publish the advertisements, or use them, without alteration, in the publications of libraries or other organizations.

The Ads

The ads are provided below. You can select PDF or JPG formats. Use the PDF format if you will be sending the ad to a newspaper for printing. Use the JPG if you want to insert the ad into your own publication. You will need to right click on the image once you have clicked on a JPG link, then select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" to save it to your computer.

More Information About the Ads

Below are justifications for the claims made in these ads, which were produced in 2006. There may be slight changes in the statistics since then, but the overall messages remain accurate.

$4 or 400% Return

A 2006 statewide study by Northstar Economics showed that for every dollar spent on libraries, there is a $4.06 economic return on investment.

Top 10 for circulation and visits; 19th in funding

The latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Educational Statistics rank Wisconsin public libraries 8th nationally in the number of items borrowed (circulation) per capita and 9th in the number of library visits per capita. Wisconsin public libraries rank 19th in total operating revenue per capita.

Number of visits and tickets

38.9 million visits were made to Wisconsin’s public, college, and university libraries in 2004. The number of visits to school and special libraries would bring this total even higher. In comparison, only 5.3 million people attended major sporting events in Wisconsin, including Brewers, Bucks, Packers, UW campus, and Marquette University games.

800% increase in ILL

Over the past 15 years the number of books and other items shared by Wisconsin libraries grew over 800%. Wisconsin libraries of all types are sharing their collections through interlibrary loan in order to provide all Wisconsin residents with the materials and information they need. By the way, Wisconsin public libraries rank 1st in the nation in the number of interlibrary loans received per 1,000 population (686.3).

State’s share of support

Public library service in Wisconsin is partnership between cities, villages, counties and the state. State law requires that DPI request funding for public library systems at a level equal to 13% of municipal and county expenditures for library service. Unfortunately, state support has eroded to less than 9%.

Funding is in jeopardy

In today’s tight fiscal environment many libraries of all types have endured budget cuts. School libraries in communities across the state have seen their schools reduce professional library staff. A University of Wisconsin System initiative to enhance library service has not been funded, and librarians in special libraries are some of the first positions in their organizations to be cut during a fiscal crisis. Those libraries that haven’t already taken budget cuts are in jeopardy of seeing their budgets cut in the future.

There are 542 students enrolled for every librarian in U.S. 2– and 4-year colleges and universities in 2008, as compared with 4.3 students for each teaching faculty member. 

ALA Office for Research & Statistics, ALA Public Information Office

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